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DIY Concrete Candle Holders

A simple beginner Concrete Candle Holder tutorial. All you need is a couple of free hours and positive vibes! Sounds quite simple, doesn't it? And paired with correct colours & accessories will make a perfect industrial chic themed Christmas dinner centrepiece!

Rose gold and concrete candle holders DIY with blush candles

 Though my colour palette for this Christmas is white & silver, I couldn't resist not to create these gorgeous candleholders. Although concrete can give a rough and cold feel, I believe it works wonderfully if paired with the right colours and accessories, such as rose gold & blush candles! In this case such a combination makes the look much more soft & feminine, right? Anyway, the theme and feel is completely up to you and for more subtle look I believe these planters would perfect combined with silver & white and some greenery around them.


To start here is the list of what you will need:

- Concrete mix

- Water

- Bowl / bucket / etc

- A stick or similar tool to mix the concrete

-  Molds 

- Sandpaper

- Decoupage aluminium foil & coating varnish or adhesive tape & spray paint

- Soft brush

- Positive vibes & good music


First thing you will need to do is to find or create your own molds. Brainstorm a little bit of what you would like to see, there are also many great ideas on Pinterest, so if necessary browse for inspiration there. When the molds are created you will need to mix the concrete. I believe there are different details and instructions for each brand, so take a look on the label on how to do it correctly! Oh, and a tip: it is actually easier to work with the concrete if it is more liquid-like, especially if the molds are complex. It will make the candle holder more solid as well. Once you have checked the instructions and filled the molds, it's time to sit back and prepare for the next step. In my case the drying time was around 3 hours, which then stretched into a week, but when you have a busy schedule, what can you do? 


Once your candle holders have completely dried, remove the molds and let them sit for additional hour before moving on. As I put rectangular ones in juice cartons they were not completely dried yet (you can tell this by the smell and colour difference at the top & bottom), as the material simply doesn't breathe, so I just let the water that was still there to evaporate. 

Concrete planters DIY

Now it is time to sand all the bumps and other unneeded parts that were never meant to be there in the first place. As you can see there is quite a work to be put in here and it required more strength & muscle than I thought, so after the smallest candle holder I asked my fiance for help as I was getting nowhere myself. 

After all the sanding is done, it is time for the fun part - decorating! As I love simple geometric prints there was not much to figure out so I started to tape down adhesive tape for perfect straight lines. Once it is done for every holder it is time to apply the foil (or spray paint - which ever you prefer). 

Rose gold concrete planters diy

If you chose to go with aluminium foil, it's time to apply the coating varnish (you can check the more detailed how-to description in my previous DIY post). The drying time for each coating varnish is probably different, but mine told me to leave to dry for 24 hours, so when all the holders were done that's just what I did. If you went with the spray paint, I believe it's the same thing here.

After 24 hours it's time to rub off all the excess foil that has not adhered and the job is almost finished. All you need to do now is style the candle holders with candles and decorations and the job is done! 


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