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DIY Paint dipped baskets

A very simple way to upcycle those wicker baskets that have been lying around the storage room. Give them a brand new scandi inspired look!

Wicker baskets in a botanical interior
To start here are the things you are going to need for this DIY:
- old/new baskets that call for an upgrade
- universal paint in your chosen colour
- painters tape
- paint brush
- bowl
- gloves
- universal paint remover
- something to put under your working area to make as little mess as possible
- good vibes & tasty latte
Basket DIY upcycle tools
Once you've got  all of that collected, let's begin making the magic happen! 
Wicker baskets before DIY paint dipped baskets.
Here's the before picture of all the baskets of my DIY, some of them old, some of them new, but all of them in my point of view definitely needed upgrade.
First tape the baskets to mark the line to where the paint is going to go, just to be safe that the final look is exactly as desired. Also, if you are going to be putting them next to eachother it will give you an idea of how high or low the paint should go to achieve the perfect look.
Paint dipped wicker baskets.
To start painting, place the protective plastic film (or something of that kind) over the area where you are going to work, to make as less of a mess as possible. Once that is done, fill the bowl with paint and start dipping!
I dipped the bottom part of the baskets so once I took them out of the bowl I just placed them on the protective plastic to dry. If you come up with some sort of a basket holder make sure to still place something underneath the baskets while they are drying as it is possible that the paint will drip.
As the larg round basket was too big for the bowl (didn't think of that in the store!) I just painted it with a brush to achieve the same look, so if painting is something that calms you, it's another way to go!
DIY paint dipped baskets after look.
And after 24 hours (or less, depending on each paint) the job is done! Now all that is left is to remove the painters tape, clean up the mess and style the room with your brand new baskets! 
Plants in wicker baskets
They can be used as flower pots as the colour goes perfectly with all kinds of greens! Or a place to store your snuggle blankets for cosy winter evenings as they will add the perfect touch to those all white interiors! 
Livettes wallpaper

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