DIY Glass & Silver Foil Christmas Ornaments

Hello there! ♡ Today is Second Advent already and it means that Christmas is right around the corner! And that means it is time for some Christmas Ornament DIY.. Read more to find step by step instructions! Glass and silver foil christmas ornaments diy

This year the theme of our family's Christmas decorations are silver, white & glass, so this Christmas DIY seemed just perfect! Also, as I'm a big fan of Scandinavian style & minimalism I couldn't imagine anything better than this.
First thing you need to do is decide on your Christmas theme & colours. The ornaments can be in any shape, colour and material and the aluminium foil also comes on numerous variations, so this is actually the hardest part of this DIY! Once you have decided which way to go, let's gather our materials.
You will need:
- Christmas ornaments 
- Decoupage aluminium foil 
- Soft brush
- Decoupage coating varnish, clear

DIY Christmas ornament materials

First step is to clean your ornaments from stains and grease to make sure the foil adheres properly everywhere. After that start to cover the ornament with the coating varnish. I chose to make them look like silver dipped ornaments, but you can cover the whole thing, if you want! Again, the toughest part is to decide.

Christmas ornaments DIY instructions

When the coating is applied, start to apply the foil. You can do it all at once, just take the sheet and put it right over the adhesive or apply the foil in small pieces, step by step. I chose to go slowly in case I wanted to alter the look as I go. 

Silver foil christmas ornaments DIY

Once all of the ornaments are covered with foil it is time to wait. On my coating varnish the instructions said to let it sit for 24 hours, but I believe it varies depending on producer. 

Silver christmas ornaments

After 24 hours it is time for the final touch! Take the same brush and take off all the excess foil that has not adhered. It will seem like a lot of it is falling off, but don't worry, it will only make the look a lot more artistic! 

Christmas ornaments DIY

And ta-da, here is the finished ornament! You can upgrade them by adding matched strings to make them really stand out. Mine are still work in progress, but the decoupage part is done and I love it! Simple & chic!

DIY Christmas decor

Christmas decor with antler wallpaper, kraft paper gift wrapping and Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Livettes wallpaper


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