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Office inspiration - Mood board monday

Hi! I've been away for a while so this is the first blog post since March as I've been very busy lately, though I know that's no excuse. Nonetheless, I'd like to share some of the latest news with you guys, starting with the fact that Livettes have moved to a new studio - a bit larger and with much more space for my interior goals! Hence, the Mood board Monday & my new office design!

Scandi boho office interior, white with bohemian decors and grey tropical wallpaper
As thanks to you guys Livettes is slowly growing we moved to completely new studio in May! It is a much larger space than we had before and we figured that moving into something a bit oversized now will help us to stay here for a couple of years, because moving is a very time consuming thing and given that it is the third time for me in the past year, this is not something I want to repeat in the next few years.
And as it is with moving, there is a lot of hassle before {the packing, figuring out how to keep the orders in their deadlines while in the process of all this and responding to all of the clients in acceptable time frame} as well as after when you need to find a place for each one and everything. Therefore the blog section has been left in the background for a while. Though as I finally have some extra time to sit down, put on some relaxing jazz music {yes, I am one of those jazz-thinkers} and collect my thoughts, here comes something interior related! 
I've been working on my personal office design for a while now, and so I put together some details that I already have here with some inspirational images to get the idea of how it will look when finished. Being renters ourselves, my dream of white wood floors disappeared as we got stuck with dark wood laminate flooring instead, but you know, when life gives you lemons.. keep them, because, hey, free lemons! And I truly believe that with a bit of imagination and the right details you can make the most out of {almost} any interior. So, to cope with the dark wood flooring, the walls in all of the studio were painted very light grey as the owner put a veto on white and my idea of a completely scandi boho studio transformed into eclectic chic - and so each of the rooms are getting a completely different styling.
As white might just be one of my favourite colors {especially when paired with grey, black & gold} I've selected white furniture and sheer linen curtains for my office. It helps to brighten the space and goes very well with the grey palm leaf wallpaper! As I still try to add some bohemian details to every room, I have selected a Moroccan styled rug for a lounge area in my personal space. It creates a cosy home office feeling and helps to cover up the dark floors! Yay!  Bright colors usually tend to wear out pretty soon in my eyes so to add some pop of color I've chosen gold details and lots & lots of plants and greenery. I do believe that green goes with everything, especially in a form of cactus or palm leaves in a beautiful glass vase. Greenery has not once got on my nerve yet and I have it literally in every room of our studio as well as my home. A winner! 
Lighting is also very important for me {especially beautiful timeless light fixtures}, so I have chosen a very special one for myself from a local brand called Mammalampa. The Bride lamp which you can see in the mood board has been my favourite for a very long time and I am so thrilled to finally have found a great space for it. It comes in three variations - pendant lamp, floor lamp & table lamp as well as two different colors. For me it of course is white and in a pendant lamp option - such a beautiful thing to look up at! Especially when collecting some interior inspiration.. ♡

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  • Beautiful style and collection! Just let me know, if you will be needing a modern customized weaving for your new studio – will be glad to make a commission! :)

    Semoville on

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