Modern & Minimal Home Office design - Mood board Monday

For this Mood Board Monday we have specially combined inspirational material for those who go back to school or work at home! Work place affects our mood and productivity so it is good to fresh it up with new colors and accessories.Modern and minimal home office design

“Modern and minimal” are the key words for this inspiration mood board. We kept it classic - black and white are the dominant colors. For warmer and more comfortable atmosphere - few blush pink, gold or brass accessories can be added. Regarding walls - keep them clean and choose simple design like our delicate herringbone wallpaper. Accent pieces should not only look good but also be functional. Choose adjustable table or floor lamp and match it with other objects such as pen or desk organiser. One of the most important objects is chair. Keep in mind to look for a comfortable seat with upholstery. When you have your accent objects, add some useful statement pieces such as wire clip wall panel. Combine it with the same color or material desk storage. Using desk organisers will help you to maintain order on your table. The last piece for this home office look is scented candle - it will help to keep space cozy and relaxed while you are studying or working.
What do you think about our home office inspiration mood board? Let me know in a comment section!
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