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Where to use removable wallpaper - Wallpaper 101

Tips for using removable wallpaper in your home interior
For a while now I have been thinking about remodelling my own home interior but somehow end up doubting what exactly should be changed. If you've been there too here is an advice - consider using removable wallpaper. Why wallpaper? It is easy to install and maintain it's look. Here are some tips how to use removable wallcoverings in your home interior!
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How to install removable wallpaper - Wallpaper 101

How to install removable wallpaper

It's time to share with you our tips for Livette's self adhesive wallpaper installation along with a short video tutorial to sum up the most important steps on how to install removable wallpaper. Click here to watch the full video!
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Everything you want to know about Livette's removable wallpaper

Everything about Livettes removable wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is the newest generation of the good old wallpaper we all know and fear so much (though less in last few years, since its splendid comeback to the interior design scene). We are here to make all your doubts and prejudices disappear and introduce you to all the great possibilities our Removable wallpaper offers and how it differs from the traditional wallpaper material.

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