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Where to use removable wallpaper - Wallpaper 101

For a while now I have been thinking about remodeling my own home interior but somehow end up doubting what exactly should be changed. If you've been there too here is an advice - consider using removable wallpaper. Why? It is easy to install and maintain its looks. Here are some tip’s how to use removable wallcoverings in your home interior!

White interior kitchen with honeycomb tile effect wallpaper

One of the best ways how to remodel your kitchen is by changing backsplash design. By only replacing backsplash you can entirely change the appearance of your kitchen. It is also a practical choice to use self-adhesive wallpaper since it is water resistant.

Light interior kitchen and dark wood stair covered with floral stickers

Stairway finally is gaining popularity as a surface for accents. If you are not planning to fully cover your stairs with carpet - use patterns or decals to create a unique look.

Modern and light kids bedroom interior with gold and wood accessories

If you prefer to stick with more common ideas - choose an accent wall and use wallpaper or wall mural there. Go for some large floral or tropical designs. Self-adhesive wallpaper can be easily removed from the surface - you can change it as often as you like. 

Urban and industrial chic look interior by JLV Creative

If a feature wall is not something that you are looking for then go for the details -  those forgotten walls can become more eye-catching with some interesting graphics on them. 

Andi's Bohemian style apartment

Talking about tiny spaces - another interesting idea is to use this material for bookshelves. Simple geometric patterns behind shelves will work as a focal point. Keep your favorite books in the spotlight!

Tiny closet makeover using simple pattern wallpaper by Diana Elizabeth

Wardrobe shelves and closet is another topic - they can easily be brightened up by fun and minimal patterns. Choose light design wall covers to avoid overcrowded look. The good old saying for this one - less is more.

Pink and mint green laundry mud room interior by Diana Elizabeth

Laundry room may not be the place for visitors but it doesn’t mean that it should look less representative! Just as for the closet - choose light colors. Tile effect wall covers are coming back so be sure to check them out as well.

Simple pattern wallpaper on ceilings in black and white nursery designed by Crystal Sinclair designsAs my last tip, I have saved a major new interior trend - fifth wall. More and more interior designers use wallpapers on ceilings. If done right - it looks outstandingly great! Something fresh and new - definitely different but in a good way. Mural covered ceilings will transform and give personality to any room. Would you dare to try it?

I hope that these inspiration tips gave you some new ideas! Let me know in a comment section if you have other tips as well!

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