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Weekend in Santorini - Livette's travels

If you're looking for a peaceful and sunny weekend getaway, Santorini is the place for you. As it is a very small island, long weekend of 3 days is just enough to explore this beautiful place and taste all the good bites that greek cuisine provides! Read more for our top tips for a perfect weekend in Santorini!
Perfect greek vacation, most Instagrammable spots in Santorini

How to get to Santorini

There are only couple of ways to get here and we chose to fly in directly from Athens. It costs approximately the same amount as going with ferry, however saved almost 3 hours of our time. Be sure to book a flight with standard airlines such as Ryanair, as they have the usual hand luggage sizes and limits and everything usually happens on time.. more or less. We were however not so lucky when flying back to Athens with Sky Express. The flight itself was almost an hour late and hand luggage limit was twice smaller than usual so we had to give it away for the flight as it didn't fit above nor under the seats. If your hand luggage is a light colour or contains valuables, we strongly suggest to choose another airline as there will be no place to wrap it to avoid damage.
Boutique hotel in Santorini with private pool and hammocks

Where to stay

For our visit we chose Sophia Boutique Hotel, located  approx. 15min walk from the beautiful town of Oia. This design hotel has opened only a couple months ago, the interior and exterior is very chic and staff here is just amazing. When you arrive, you are greeted with a glass of prosecco to sip while you check-in. In our case, we arrived good 2 hours before our check-in time, and as our room wasn't ready yet, we were welcome to hang by the pool and relax after our long journey to Santorini. 
This hotel has only couple of rooms, which in my opinion is a plus as it never gets crowded. In addition each room has a private plunge pool if you prefer some privacy, and major breakfast included in the price of the room. You are welcome to select your own breakfast menu each evening and believe me, it will keep you full till dinner!
Ammoudi fish tavern in Santorini, sun dried octopus

Where to eat

Greek cuisine could be one of my favourites as it is quite fresh with lots of veggies and quality protein from meats, fish and cheeses. If you're a foodie and love seafood, Ammoudi Fish tavern is a must-visit. It is said to be the only place in Santorini serving fresh octopus caught right from the waters surrounding it. The octopus carpaccio is a superstar, however ask the waiters to advise what's fresh and in season. We were lucky to taste some amazing mussels as well and dine right next to the water!
If you want to taste greek gyros, head over to Oia & stop by Pito Gyros. It's open till late and serves extremely delicious gyros, souvlaki and pita wraps. Take it to go along with some wine and find a chill spot in the lovely streets of Oia to enjoy your lunch or dinner. The menu here is also vegetarian friendly! 
Beautiful photography spots in Santorini

What to do

One of my absolute favourite things to do in new places I visit is grab a coffee to go (Santorini has some amazing ice cappuccinos!) and just walk around and take in the vibe of the city. Be sure to pack some comfortable shoes or sandals and good vibes. As this is a tourist hot spot during summer months, don't hesitate to go off the beaten path and explore all the streets and corners of this town to avoid crowding through the main streets which can get tiring quite quickly.
When your feet needs some relaxing time, stop by any of the fabulous restaurants overlooking caldera and take in the view of the ocean and the blue skies. It is so relaxing, I swear this can be one for hours!
If you're up for something more exciting, rent a convertible and explore the whole island. Every town here seems to be different and there are lots of beaches to visit. We strongly suggest to choose a car instead of an ATV as there have been a lot of accidents on the island and frankly it's much more relaxing and I cannot imagine driving around with a helmet on in a midday sun - think of the heat and major sunburns.. No thanks! Also it will take you twice as long to get from one part of the island to the other. 
Santorini blue dome churches and amazing caldera views

Santorini travel tips

Santorini is a lovely place, very sunny and hot through the summer months, however it can be also very windy so it is very easy to get sunburnt without even noticing. Be sure to use a quality sunscreen so you wouldn't need to hide under the canopy the rest of your days here.
The local transportation is quite frequent here, however as it is in Greece in general, it doesn't really follow the schedule point by point. Hence why good vibes will do a lot for you, simply embrace the greek attitude of life and wait a while.. You cannot really miss anything here. The only exception of course would be a plain or ferry, but I feel it is smarter to book a taxi or transfer to such occasions rather than relying on public transport. 
Given that this is a hot spot for tourists, there will be shops nearly everywhere in Oia, but despite that be sure to dive in and buy some greek hand made goods, arts or delicacies. Here you can find many fabulous interior decors which are one of a kind, as well as beautiful white linen dresses perfect for your greek vacation! Hardest part here is to choose though..
If you plan to take a catamaran tour or visit the red beach, make sure to pack dark swimsuit, as the waters near volcano can color it easily as well as your jewellery.
Sunset in Santorini is so beautiful, and luckily for you, it sets right on the side where Sophia Boutique Hotel is located, so you can enjoy it right from your hotel with a glass of wine and dinner and avoid crowds of tourists. Can it get better than that?
I hope you found our tips useful, and if you plan to visit Santorini soon and have any questions, please feel free to reach out! We will be glad to chat of this fabulous experience! 

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