Removable Wallpaper

Whether you call it self adhesive wallpaper, peel and stick wallpaper, temp wallpapaper or stick on wallpaper - in a nutshell it is a renters dream come true! Removable wallpaper for renters has been a life saver as you don't have to live with those ugly beige walls anymore - removeable wallpaper to the rescue! Wallpaper has been very popular these last couple of years, and for a good reason - it is fun, easy to install and allows you to personalise your interior to resemble your true self. Whether you choose peel & stick wallpaper or traditional non woven wallpaper, keep in mind that they both are in fact removable wallpapers! The only thing that differs is the application method. Peel & stick wallpaper is a self stick wallpaper whereas traditional wallpaper is installed with wallpaper glue specially designed for non woven wallpapers. Both of them work for rentals as they can be taken down in full strips. The only thing you need to choose is how you want to install it.