Living room accent wall wallpapered with art deco fish scale mural

Art Deco fish scale wallpaper

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Art Deco wallpaper is a perfect statement piece for your Gatsby glam interior!

After all, geometric prints are the no.1 fundamental of Art Deco interior design. And in combination with black and white and gold accents, it just iconic!

Art deco wallpaper was influenced by the art nouveau’s use of motifs depicting nature. Sunrises, flowers and shells where the most used. Once loved organically flowing lines were replaced with geometric and angular shapes to achieve that bold and glamorous look. Fantastic example of art deco style is the Great Gatsby movie where you can see it as wallpaper designs, home decoration and fashion itself. So if you have missed it, it’s a must see movie!

Wallpaper is the most simple way to update your interior and give it a brand new look that suits your personal style. And removable wallpaper in particular is the most perfect solution for renters with style, don’t you think? Try to add some glam to your room with these gorgeous art deco patterns, with a simple peel and stick!