Self adhesive circle wallpaper in living room interior

Pastel circle wallpaper

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Circle wallpaper is probably one of the most calming of them all.

As the circle is a simple closed shape that symbolises wholeness and simple perfection, it brings piece and harmony to the room. Circle wallpaper comes in numerous different variations. One of the most popular is polka dots, especially for nursery designs. Followed by geometric circle patterns, which are mostly used for living room or dining room interiors. Probably because you want the space where you entertain your guests to be calm and inviting, right? Hence the circles. Because the circle has been used in home decor since mid-century, patterns are popping up in home furnishings from throw pillows and tiles, to wallpapers and rugs. Bring some positive energy in your interior with our circle styled wallpapers! Keep in mind, custom colours are an option for these prints!