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Scandinavian design moroccan wallpaper

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Ethnic interior decorating theme calls for decorative fabrics, wallpaper and wall coverings.

Ethnic wallpaper with images of animals, wallpaper with interesting printed patterns, inspired by cultures all over the world. These fundamentals will help to create ethnic interior with an adventurous and romantic feel. One of our favourite mix is Ethnic wallpaper in combination with Scandinavian interior decor and monochrome colour palette. It just is so on trend right now and you can customise the colour palette to fit your style. Either black and white combined with taupe, or blush pink working with greys and bold accent pieces. Greenery is always a good decor choice, as it livens up the place and fits every interior style. The possibilities are numerous! As our wallpaper colours are customisable, so are yours to create the interior of  your dreams!

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