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Kids room wallpaper trend predictions of 2019 | Interior design trends of 2019

Following the lead of Apartment Therapy, we have decided to name our own kids room wallpaper patterns of the year which we believe will be huge in 2019. See our Top 5 removable wallpaper patterns of 2019 listed below along with some amazing interior inspirations!

1. Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper

This minimal boho nursery rocked 2018 and there is a clear reason why! As we wrote in the room reveal post of this nursery interior, the neutral color palette and simple styling of the nursery makes it a gender neutral interior option. The simple black and white pattern of the Delicate Herringbone wallpaper ties in perfectly with the light wood details and subtle patterns found in the rug and rattan decor pieces. 
Minimal boho nursery with herringbone removable wallpaper
This timeless wallpaper design will be the perfect choice for minimalists & bohemians alike - just scroll lower and you'll see another great herringbone wallpaper nursery styling example! 
Boho boys nursery with herringbone removable wallpaper
It's only February of 2019 and yet we see our Delicate Herringbone wallpaper popping up everywhere on Instagram! This is one of the many reasons why we have chosen it as our Top 1 wallpaper pattern of 2019. This subtle herringbone print can be styled in so many different interior settings, that it let's your imagination run wild. Just as in this modern safari themed nursery. The wallpaper stands as the perfect backdrop for moroccan & african interior decor, while each of the patterns in the baby room complement each other beautifully. 
Have you installed this wallpaper in your kid's room interior? We'd love to see how it turned out!
Safari themed nursery with minimal design removable wallpaper

2. Scandi Boho Removable Wallpapers

Modern minimal gender neutral nursery interiors seem to be very popular this year and especially the ones with a Scandi boho styling twist. That is why we have chosen Scandi boho wallpapers to be another huge trend of 2019.
The nursery seen below is actually for a baby boy, and we are simply in love! The black macrame wall hanging works wonders with our Dotted Bohemian removable wallpaper and, similarly as in the nursery with our Delicate Herringbone wallpaper, all of the subtle patterns play together creating a cohesive look. The boho vibes from the macrame, fiddle leaf fig tree, tassels and rattan decor gives us all the feels and we hope that the baby bird will enjoy his new bedroom very much!
Scandi boho gender neutral nursery with black and white removable wallpaper

3. Enchanted Forest Wallpaper

Enchanted forest theme for soft bohemian kids bedrooms seems to be another big trend of 2019. Woodland themed wallpapers and patterns add a dreamy feel to the interior which makes all the daytime fun even more magical!
Below you can see two of our latest Vintage Woodland wall murals giving all the right vibes for a dreamy girl's bedroom interior. This Vintage Botanical mural makes us think of the fairy tale 'Thumbelina' by Hans Christian Andersen. The tiny people, fairies and all kinds of magical imaginary things might come to life in an interior as dreamy as this..
Magical woodland girls room interior with vintage botanical removable wallpaper
Flora & Fauna wall mural will look fantastic in a vintage boho nursery setting, right behind the crib. This fairy tale inspired wall mural will complement rattan furniture and animal themed interior decor along with soft color palette, lots of tassels and greenery. Give your little one a joyous fantasy filled space for magical dreams and heart full of wonder.. 
Vintage boho nursery interior with birds and flowers removable wallpaper

4. Vintage Inspired Pattern Wallpaper

As our fourth wallpaper trend of 2019 we have chosen vintage inspired wallpaper prints. Mix modern interior design with vintage inspired wallpaper for an eclectic bohemian kids room interior. Go wild with colors in the decor yet choose the base of the interior in a neutral color palette to not overwhelm the little resident of the room. Anchor all of the details together with a beautiful vintage wallpaper, just as in the image below where our Enchanted Forest mural has been used as a dreamy background for the modern and colorful kids room! 
Eclectic kids room interior with woodland removable wallpaper and colorful interior decor

5. Animal Pattern Wallpaper

Eclectic interior lovers - animal print wallpaper seems to be another huge trend of 2019. Be it modern animal fur print like in the beautiful eclectic girls room below, or wallpapers with actual animals - this is a must, if you wish to keep up with trends of 2019. Mix all the colors of the rainbow together with a white base and light wood or rattan furniture to create a fun, whimsical and bright kids room interior. The most important rule - make it fun!
Eclectic girls bedroom with animal print removable wallpaper, rattan hanging chair and rainbow interior decor
Have you embraced the wallpaper trends of 2019? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have used any of these wallpaper patterns for your own interior, we'd be happy to see the final look! Happy Friday!

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