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About Livettes

Hi there, so lovely to 'meet' you! :)

My name is Liv and I'm the person behind Livettes wallpapers. As you know, wallpapers are our speciality but not our limitation! Currently we have put a lot of love in creating these customisable wallpaper designs so you could design your perfect interior. And recently in addition to removable wallpaper we have introduced regular wallpaper in our product range as well, and are working on several other ideas to enrich our interior design product range. 

For two years now I work with my lovely team here in Riga, Latvia and we work together to come up with new and tasteful designs to deliver to you worldwide! Yes, you heard that correctly, no limitations. :) But enough talking, browse through our store to find what you're looking for, or share some ideas with your friends via social media! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to see more!