Trendy pattern wallpaper for girls bedroom

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Before you order our wallpaper

Check out which wallpaper material, colour combination and which size is the best option for you and how to order correctly here!

Eclectic wallpaper is a great choice for those who just love bold interior.

This kind of wallpaper can be the first thing you see when you walk in the room, while being the one thing that ties the whole room together. If you decide to go with these prints for your interior, keep in mind that wallpaper colours are customisable! For no other reason than to give you the best way to achieve the absolute best look.

Eclectic interior is always a good idea if you cannot decide on one style. Or because you like  too many different things and can’t imagine being tied down to one style. And here comes the eclectic wallpaper, to the rescue! Be it turquoise pineapple wallpaper in monochrome and pink coloured bedroom, or psychedelic pattern wallpaper in otherwise elegant and classic living room, you can mix and match as you see fit! Check out our catalogue to find the best fit for you!

Why to choose Livettes wallpapers?

We put great care, love and positive energy in every single order, as interior design is our life. As each and every design is customisable – we offer custom colours to fit your interior perfectly, and size choices are quite friendly as well, we plan to deliver the very best worldwide and wrapped with love! Over the years we have found the perfect wallpapering materials for you to choose from, either regular or self adhesive removable wallpaper. Both of these materials are water resistant and washable, so that wallpapered bathroom or DIY peel and stick stair makeover has never been this simple and fun! This is one of those things that every interior addict has to try, at least once! ♡